The effect of the cream

The general properties of the cream: 1. Cover the surface of the skin to form an oily protective film, which effectively locks in moisture and nutrients. 2. Blocks the outside. 3. Deeply activate the cells, so that the nutrients between the cells can be promoted as a whole through the action of collagen

Effect of cream
The effect of the cream

The cream acts on the superficial layer of the skin to replenish skin moisture. The cream is only suitable for basic care under the age of 25. Be careful not to apply it to the face and neck area around the eyes and lips.

Skincare is generally done after conditioning with cosmetics but also using skincare products to replenish skin oil and nutrients. Nutritional cream refers to a cream with strong moisturizing or additive function, so it has more effects, it can give.

The same function is used for moisturizing and hydrating. After clarifying the difference between lotion and cream, many people start to wonder whether to use lotion or cream. The key to whether to use a lotion or cream depends on the needs of the individual’s skin. The lotion is average.

Cleansing-toner-Facial mask-toner-lotion-cream

The use of the cream is the last step of basic skincare. The basic skincare steps are: cleansing-toner-facial mask-toner-lotion-cream

Yes, as long as you use the same thing, but the two things are different, because the general lotion is water quality, suitable for younger people, about 20 to 30 years old, while the cream is generally oily, suitable for some Older.

As the name suggests, there is also an anti-wrinkle effect. Whitening can help whiten. At night, you need to use products that are more moisturizing and help skin repair. I don’t know how old the question is. If you are under 25, you only need to choose the general one, yes.

Shrink pores and moisturize skin…

1. The lotion has a good emollient effect and also has a moisturizing effect. It is especially suitable for dry spring and autumn. The texture of the cream is thicker, so the moisturizing effect will be better, and the cream also has whitening and anti-aging effects.

Apply  Cream One By One

Now that we have understood the types and effects of creams, let’s get familiar with the correct way to use them. If you don’t know the order of use, you won’t be able to get the original effect. Be sure to confirm before using the cream.

The timing of using cream is in the final stage of skincare

In addition to creams, cosmetics, lotions, lotions, and other products are generally used after makeup removal, and creams are used at the end. Most of the ingredients of the cream are oil. As oil and water repel each other, oil and water are incompatible, so applying oil first will hinder water penetration. If this step is mistaken, other benign ingredients such as beauty lotion and lotion will not penetrate deep into the skin. It is recommended to follow the order of toner, beauty lotion, and lotion when applying, and then apply the cream at the end. The most ideal time is to apply before the emulsion is completely dry.

To apply evenly, divide into 5 equal parts when rubbing

When applying a cream, if you put all the amount on the face at once, it is easy to be unevenly distributed. If possible, I hope to spread evenly on the entire face. The recommended method here is to first apply a small amount to the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin for absorption. In terms of weight, the entire face needs to be about the size of a 10 yuan coin. Many creams have a hard texture and are not easy to spread. Therefore, they are not applied to the face all at once. Instead, they are applied to the key areas of the face little by little and then pushed again to make it easier to spread evenly.

Control the force and apply gently

When applying next, even if it feels difficult to push it away, don’t wipe it hard. If it is applied too hard or rubbed repeatedly, it will damage the skin and cause adverse effects. Start by applying the cream on various parts of the face, and gently spread it in a circular motion.

If you are unable to control the strength of the index finger, it is recommended to use the ring finger to apply the strength.

There is no point in rubbing vigorously to thoroughly soak the ingredients into the skin. If the stimulation is too strong, it will damage the keratin. After finishing the surface covering, just wait for it to soak naturally. If you want to improve the penetration effect, finally use the whole palm to lightly press the face.

Understand that creams make you more beautiful

So far, I have explained the effects and types of skincare products, the purpose of use, and how to use them. Is it helpful for you? Generally speaking, the price of the cream is higher than other skincare products, so some people may omit it, but if permitted, it is definitely a helpful product.

It is rare to use a good lotion and beauty lotion as a result because the cream is omitted, the effect is only half. There is no need to use particularly expensive creams. Try to choose a price band that can last without a burden and uses it for a long time. Hope the cream can help your skin more beautiful and moving.

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