Stress, frustration, tobacco what your wrinkles really reveal…

The wrinkles that appear on the face are indicative of the passing years. But not only. They can also tell a lot about your personality, your emotions, your habits and your health. Stress, diet, sun… Here are the secrets revealed by each of your wrinkles! With Dr Paul Dupont, dermatologist in Toulouse.

Wrinkles on your face

The wrinkles result from the gradual loss of elasticity of the skin . This phenomenon is linked to aging , to a large extent, but may also be linked to other factors. It turns out that your facial wrinkles can reveal fascinating details about your health and emotions . If some reveal a relatively stressed temperament, others will reflect a diet too rich in sugars for example. Their topography on the face is also linked to our organs.

Forehead wrinkles , frown lines , crow’s feet … These marks that time leaves on the face are feared by all. But do you really know their meanings ? Did you know that they could reveal some of your secrets , even some hidden illnesses ? This is what we will discuss in our slide show, with Dr Paul Dupont, dermatologist in Toulouse and author of Soigner sa peau au naturel (ed. Eyrolles).

Expression wrinkles: they appear around the age of 30

There are two main types of wrinkles: “expression ” wrinkles (or “dynamic”). They are linked to the repeated contractions of the muscles of the face. But we also find “aging wrinkles”  (or “static”). They result from sagging skin associated with age and the effects of external aging factors such as the sun .

“These all can also be linked to certain deficiencies in vitamins and trace elements, explains the dermatologist. Vitamins C and C2, as well as manganese are in fact involved in the maintenance of connective tissue. Vitamins D and K in its renewal . While phospholipids such as those in marine lecithin have an anti-wrinkle effect by keeping the skin supple and elastic. Studies have shown that their deficiency accelerates the appearance of wrinkles by loss of adhesion between the skin and fatty layers “.  

Among expression lines, we find transverse lines of the forehead, frown lines (inter-brow bone) and crow’s feet lines, located at the outer corners of the eyes. As for the wrinkles of aging, they are manifested by the folds of the corners of the mouth, and the nasolabial fold (from the nose to the corners of the mouth), the wrinkles around the lips, and the neck and of the neckline.

In principle, it is around the age of 30 that certain expression lines, such as frown lines, start to appear. This is a sign that your skin is starting to lose its elasticity.

Wrinkles; the hygiene of life would influence them to 33%

Contrary to popular belief, wrinkles are not just synonymous with old age. Our lifestyle can also be felt on our face. Certain bad daily habits can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles

Smoking, sunbathing, and unhealthy eating tend to make us age before we age. Several scientific studies are now going in this direction.

This is particularly the case of an international study (published in 2013) carried out over eight years with 585 Spanish, British and Chinese women. The latter were asked about their lifestyle (from eating to brushing teeth), then were photographed so that their age could be estimated. Verdict: Women who did not have a very healthy lifestyle looked much older than they actually were. Europe Conclusion of researchers: lifestyle influences our appearance by 33% and therefore the appearance of them.

Besides the hygiene of life, certain emotions can also betray you through your wrinkles on the face. Anger, stress, frustration , laughter… Their impact on the skin is real. We reveal everything in our slideshow with our expert. As a clarification, Dr. Dupont is at the origin of a formulation of an organic and effective range against wrinkles

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